Welcome to Lifehouse!

We meet @ 10 a.m. We begin with worship which includes music

that represents the reading of scripture, singing songs that represent the far

past (hymns), recent past, and current praise songs. We also practice 'Open

Worship' where each person has the opportunity to read a scripture, sing, or

pray to give praise. We believe this expresses each of us as the priesthood of

all believers. It is participatory. We are not into Amusement, you know big

show, lights, and smoky stuff. A-musement means not to think. We believe God likes

for you to think and express yourself. Worship includes meeting around the

Lord's table. Taking communion together as God's family.

After Worship the youth and children are dismissed to class.

We then have our teaching time for adults.

Teaching is based on God's word, is usually engaging, witty,

and winsome.

We have women's and men's bible studies.

We are also have American Heritage Girls and Trail Life.

Scouting programs for children on Mondays.