Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Lifehouse Church exists to bring glory to God by growing

a biblically healthy and maturing spiritual family of fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Lifehouse Church is committed to the following ideas:

  • Devotion to Christ and a reality of prayer as we live in daily dependence upon the Lord.
  • Confidence in biblical truth.
  • Conviction of the reality of the Fall.
  • Commitment to genuine humanness expressed in serving others and in supernaturally restored relationships.
  • Appreciation of God’s gifts in all of life.
  • The need to understand the culture in which we live and to communicate with it.
  • Preparedness to give honest answers to honest questions in such a way as to confront people with the truth claims of Christianity.

We Desire to:

  • Follow Christ
  • Honor Creation
  • Love Community
  • Serve Culture